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Do you believe in destiny? That there is a power much stronger than any one of us, guiding us, teaching us, shaping us into the people we were always destined to be.

A short while ago I started to feel this longing for something that was missing in my life, like I wasn’t doing what I was meant to do but I couldn’t figure it out. These feelings came in waves, initially they were subtle but overtime they grew stronger and stronger, but still I didn’t understand what that meant.

Now I came to realize that sometimes bad things happen to us as a way of forcing us out of our comfort zone, so we can change, learn and grow. I believe that the Universe gives signs throughout our life that lead us down the path we were meant to be on. That everything happens for a reason, even our feelings.

Only, not everyone listens to those signs and often those people who continue to ignore them end up living sad and unfulfilled lives.

That used to be me, I ignored and didn’t understand some signs which resulted in me living an unfulfilled life. A life incongruent with who I was as a person and the Universe was sending me signs in the form of feelings as a warning, if you will, that I was on the wrong path.

Destiny put my life right here with you, sharing my story to the world. If it wasn't for unforeseeable and uncontrollable events that happened to me a short while ago I may not be here today. Destiny lead me down this path for a reason, a reason that I still don’t yet fully understand but I have faith that it will work out, I have faith that I am approaching some of the best times of my life because I chose to listen to destiny.

The signs are there, just listen. Destiny guides us all.