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Krystle who?

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Hey there, my name is Krystle B Royse.

So, who am I besides your average Canadian??

I’ve always found it difficult describing myself to others, I’m me but how do I describe me to you? It’s just not something I thought about much and if it wasn’t for me starting my own blog and channel, I may not have given it much more thought or been able to give you an honest or accurate answer.

Really, this question should be easy, roll off the tongue, however for me it wasn’t.

In searching for the answer, I realized that for a lot of years I was lost, broken from trauma I went through when I was younger, trauma I didn’t believe I could heal from and in the chaos of my life I lost the essence of who I was, who I am.

This blog, my channel is the start of me becoming the person I want to be, on my terms, this is me turning my dreams into reality, facing my fears and living my best life all while doing the things that light my soul on fire!

This life of ours is truly a gift and I didn’t understand that for the longest time.

So, who am I? Well, that’s not something I can sum up for you in a few measly paragraphs, but I will say this. This is me finding my way back to myself, this is the beginning of the best part of my life. This is where my adversity no longer breaks me but makes me!